Recruit great managers by design with Grapevine

Limit your biases

Recruiting people is hard work under great time pressure:

  • Faced with a mountain of CVs, you spend barely 10 seconds on each.
  • Picking a few candidates to interview, you spend 1 to 2 hours with them.

Research shows that these short interactions put you at risk of making biased recruitment decisions.

Go beyond self-promotion

Recruiting relies on candidates' self-promotion. But research has shown that:

  • Up to 78% of candidates lie on their resume.
  • Interviews play to narcissists' and psychopaths' qualities.

Psychometric tests still rely on self-provided data, and referees are picked by your candidate… It's time to expand your sources of information!

Get insights, fast

Leadership recruitment experts can screen candidates to limit your risk… but that's long and costly.

You may do that for senior executives, but what about all other candidates you will trust with managing people?

Want to get insights, and fast? Grapevine flags potential issues with your candidate, by asking those who have seen them at work: former colleagues.

It's like a 360 review for candidates!

Boost net revenue by 765% in 10 years

Beyond the warm feeling we all get at the idea of positive work culture, it also delivers impressive performance benefits.

A 765% boost in revenue based on culture seems a bit crazy… but it's based on a long-term study of 200 companies, led by reknown Harvard professors!

Kind of impactful, wouldn't you say? A great culture starts with picking better people leaders. And that just got easier with Grapevine!

Grapevine helps shine a light on managers who have a track record of creating positive work cultures, based on what past subordinates report.

Or you could trust whatever your candidate says, risk hiring toxic leaders, then fix the poor culture with band-aid solutions. Up to you.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” - Peter Drucker

Improve talent retention by 50%

A team with a great culture AND great talent? That's going to make a huge difference. And a key factor in retaining top talent is to focus on who manages your people.

When you hear from Gallup's study of 7,200 people that 50% of them quit to get away from a bad manager, it's worth pausing to think. Was it because the manager was not technically proficient… or because they were toxic?

Great managers are great humans, with qualities that are hard to assess in typical recruitment processes. Grapevine gives you the confidence that your candidates have cared well for their people in the past… or flags potential issues for you to investigate further.

“People leave managers, not companies” - Marcus Buckingham

Why not try Grapevine?

Recruit without Grapevine:

Hidden flaws, real costs

  • We all want insights: we naturally seek reassurance on a candidate's character. That's why 71% of US companies have an employee referral program, and why you use your personal network to get the low-down on candidates.
  • You're navigating blind most of the time: 60% of roles are recruited outside of referrals, where you rely on candidate self-promotion… opening you up to missing hidden flaws that will impact your team culture.
  • Toxic people have a real cost: while the “Total Cost of Assholes” is hard to estimate, one company measured the cost of a top (but toxic) performer to be $160,000 per year. Ouch.
  • Lost talent, clients, knowledge… is it worth it? When you hire a toxic manager, the first ones to flee are your top performers. Replacing them costs 30 to 150% of their annual salary, and could cost client relationships too. Even after the toxic manager leaves, you are left fixing their trail of problems and an often demotivated, broken team.


Recruit with Grapevine:

Zero risk, big benefits

  • No insights, no cost: putting a request through with Grapevine is free, you only pay if we get information on your candidate in time for their interview.
  • Targeted questions, relevant information: the questions we ask former colleagues are carefully designed to avoid mudslinging and focus on indicators of great leadership.
  • Fits within your recruitment process: Grapevine adapts to your recruitment process and delivers to your timeline, giving you the insights you need for better interviews.
  • We inform, you decide: Grapevine scales your ability to get insights on a candidate beyond your existing network. We address a blind spot, giving you additional input to make better recruitment decisions.
  • Robust scient, disproportionate benefits: Grapevine leverages years of research & insights from systems thinking to leadership research, swinging by organisational & social psychology to pinpoint the simplest way to improve your team's culture and organisation's results.