Recruiting leaders? Get a 360 review with Greatvine

Greatvine de-risks your recruitment process by giving you a peak behind self-promotion, and beyond first impressions.

Greatvine finds your candidates' former colleagues and gathers their insights about leadership qualities they saw in action but that are hard to judge in interviews.

We give you a window into your candidates' track record over the years: were they fantastic or toxic?

Want to hire a great leader rather than a great interviewer?

Close the information loop with Greatvine

Greatvine is the easiest way to

improve culture & retain talent

Why so easy?

  1. Integrates with your existing recruitment process
  2. Takes 2 minutes for you and your candidate
  3. Risk-free: no insights, no cost

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Why so impactful?

Greatvine helps you identify candidates most likely to:

  • Create a positive work culture - researchers estimate positive cultures boost net revenue by 765% in 10 years!
  • Keep people around - surveys show 50% of people quit to get away from a bad boss.

Zero risk, big benefit.

We give you information you cannot get from resumes or interviews.

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How it works

1- You select your candidates

CV screening

Follow your usual recruitment process: pick candidates to progress to the interview stage based on CVs.

You provide Greatvine with your candidates' details and tell us when you need insights back to prepare for interviews.

Greatvine adapts to your timeline, just give us a minimum of 3 days to get back to you.

2- We survey former colleagues

Social insights

Greatvine gets consent from each candidate to contact past colleagues.

Our algorithm identifies people who have seen your candidate in action, as their leader, peer, or subordinate.

We send these people a survey to gather opinions on critical leadership qualities that are hard to assess through CVs or interviews.

3- You ask better questions


Greatvine sends you a notification about results before the candidate interview date you provided.

You pay to access the candidate's report (no insights, no cost!).

You use the report as an input to tailor your interview questions, digging deeper into any area of concern that may be flagged by former colleagues.

Use Greatvine to hire the best & avoid the rest

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