Respondent Agreement

1. Greatvine is presenting this page to you as part of our invitation to you to provide information about the Candidate. You have been selected by us from publicly available sources based on information provided by the Candidate, to the User, about their work history.

2. On this page, reference to:

  • Candidate means a person, who is being considered for a role for which a recruitment is being or will be undertaken and who is identified in our email to you.
  • Greatvine, we, us and our means Greatvine Insights Pty Ltd (Australian Business Number: 63 668 202 275).
  • Platform means the Greatvine SaaS Platform available at as it exists from time to time.
  • User means an employer or a recruiter undertaking a bona fide recruitment.

3. Through the Platform, we give a User the opportunity to independently source, through us, information about a Candidate from persons known to the Candidate.

Information will be collected by us from you by asking you to respond to our questionnaire, which will focus on your experiences in working with the Candidate to help the User assess the Candidate’s working style.

From those responses we will compile an anonymised written report with our insights on the information you shared with us and provide it to the User.

The User will have agreed with us to use these insights only as an aid by the User when interviewing the Candidate and not as a decision-making tool. The User also will have agreed with us that only those persons with a ‘need to know’ will have access to our insights.

We have told the Candidate that we will never reveal your identity to them and will not provide them with a copy of the information you provide or our report. The Candidate has agreed not to attempt to gain access to your identity, the information you provide or our report.

We have told the User that we will not reveal your identity to them unless you agree to be identified and contacted by a User. You will be able to tell us your preference when responding to the questionnaire.

4. The User has represented to us that it is undertaking a bona fide recruitment for which the Candidate is a candidate and thus the User has a legitimate interest in receiving information about the candidate from you.

5. By clicking “I accept” you consent and agree as follows:

  • You consent to us:
    • provide information to us about the Candidate by responding our questionnaire.
    • use of your response by us to compile and present to the User an anonymised report of our insights on that information.
    • use by us of statements made by you, on an anonymised basis, to promote our service and Platform.
  • You agree to:
    • provide us, in your response to our questionnaire, with true and honest opinions about the candidate based on your experience working with them.
    • NOT use the link to the questionnaire for any purpose other than responding to it.
    • NOT share the link to the questionnaire with any other person.
    • NOT disclose to any person, by any means, that the Candidate has applied, or is under consideration, for a job.

6. The laws of New South Wales, Australia govern this consent. Our Privacy Policy applies to personal information we collect from you.