Candidate Consent

1. Greatvine is presenting this page to you:

  • after being told that you have applied for one or more roles for each of which a recruitment is currently being undertaken - by an employer or a recruiter; and
  • to request your consent to use of the services provided through our Platform by those employer(s) or a recruiter(s) or any other employer(s) or a recruiter(s) with whom you engage in the future.

2. On this page, reference to:

  • Greatvine, we, us and our means Greatvine Insights Pty Ltd (Australian Business Number: 63 668 202 275).
  • Platform means the Greatvine SaaS Platform available at as it exists from time to time.
  • Respondent means a person, who:
    • is identified by us as being a potentially relevant former colleague of you; and
    • is invited by us to provide information in relations to their interactions with you.
  • User means an employer or a recruiter undertaking a bona fide recruitment who has notified us that you are a candidate for such recruitment.

3. Through the Platform, we give a User the opportunity to independently source information about you, for a role for which that User is recruiting, from persons known to you.

Respondents, who are requested to provide information in relation to their interactions with you, will be selected by us, from publicly available sources, based on information provided by you about your work history.

You can choose to decline to provide the consent we have requested or to exclude parts of your work history from our search for Respondents. Your choice(s) will be shared (without comment) with Users.

Information provided by a Respondent will be contained in the answers given by them in response to our standard questionnaire - in which we solicit information about their experience of working with you.

We will determine, in our discretion, whether a potential Respondent is relevant for us to contact. We may not contact all potentially relevant Respondents. We cannot compel those Respondents who we do select, to complete our questionnaire.

We will compile and present to a User insights, based on the information we receive from participating Respondents. This will be done on an anonymised basis.

Each User will have agreed with us to use these insights only as an aid when interviewing you - and not as a decision-making tool. Each User will also have agreed with us that only those persons with a ‘need to know’ will have access to our insights.

We will never reveal the identity of the Respondents we have selected to you but, of course, we cannot stop Respondents contacting you.

4. The Services provided through the Platform are only made available to a User on the basis that the User has represented to us that it is undertaking a bona fide recruitment for which you are a candidate and thus the User has a legitimate interest in receiving information about you.

5. By clicking “I accept” you, as a candidate, consent and agree as follows:

  • You consent to us:
    • sourcing information about you from one or more Respondents.
    • compiling and presenting insights, based on the information we receive, to applicable Users on an anonymised basis (unless the Respondent(s) otherwise agree).
  • You agree not to request or otherwise seek to gain access to:
    • the information we source from Respondents or the report we compile about you.
    • the identity of Respondents we select.

6. The laws of New South Wales, Australia govern this consent. Our Privacy Policy applies to personal information we collect from and about you.